Video Membership

Video Membership costs £9.95 per annum and gives you access to the video section of the site after which you can add videos to your account for an extra charge. Availability and pricing details are here.

This level of membership does not give you access to the articles, links, faq section, book recommendations and other resources that come with Full Membership.



Full Membership

Full Membership costs £4.95 per month and entitles you everything that Video Members get plus articles, links, faq section, book recommendations and other resources. Adult members who are ready to make a serious effort to improve can also apply to become one of Nigel's students. If accepted they get access to his online booking calendar which allows them to book lessons directly.



Inner Circle Membership

Inner Circle Membership is not a subscription option, it is awarded to Full Members who have been accepted as students, show dedicated effort and take regular lessons (at least 10 or more in any 6 month period).



Account Dormancy

If you don't want to use your account at present, you can make it dormant or cancel your subscription by logging on to your Paypal account. Any videos you have bought will stay on your dormant account and you will be able to access them when you later upgrade to either Video or Full Membership here. Please note that the Account Dormancy is only available after you've actually subscribed.