A couple of weeks ago I released the first Tiger Chess Course entitled Building an Opening Repertoire. This is something I've been working on for some time, explaining the right approach and trying to find the optimal choices.

Eventually I went for the simplest approach I could find, showing how Black can use the French (including the Rubinstein Variation) against 1.e4 and the Queen's Gambit Declined against 1.d4 and the Flank Openings. With White you essentially play a Queen's Gambit Declined formation but with White. And having laid a solid basis you can expand on these systems as and when you feel the need. Here's my Youtube presentation on this course:

The course is priced at just £19.95 for Full Tiger Chess Members, plus you need to keep this membership active to continue to view the materials and get any updates. But I think it will help free many players from the openings merry-go-round by which they end up buying one chess product after another but never seem to find something that works.

Nigel Davies