Please check below for answers to any queries you might have about Tiger Chess membership. If you don't find it then please contact us with your question.

What do I get as a member?

Check out the site contents page to see what's currently available. You can also apply to become one of Nigel's students, subject to availability and whether he thinks he can help you.

I tried to log in to the site but it just comes up with URL not available. Any suggestions?

It could be that your web browser is not reading the php script. Make sure that's not the problem and if all else fails try installing a different browser, for example Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

If I purchase a video course and were later to end my monthly membership, would I still continue to have access to the course afterward?

No you wouldn't, though the course would still be on your account if you reactivated your membership.

The videos seem to be loading very slowly, what should I do?

The odds are that it's at your end as the videos are hosted at Amazon S3 and are optimized for speed and quality. Also note that if you are connecting with mobile broadband it's likely to be slow.

Do I have to become a student once I’m a member?

Not at all, you can use the site on a stand alone basis.

Do you plan to set up an affiliate program?


Will Nigel answer any questions I have personally?

If you're a student then you can put them to him during a lesson, other appropriate questions will be answered on the Ask The Grandmaster or Cubs FAQ pages. Unfortunately Nigel can't answer your personal chess queries outside of this, for example by email.

How can I become a student?

Once you're a member you can apply to become a student. Nigel takes on those he thinks he can work with and help improve.

Do I have to be a member to become one of Nigel’s students?

Yes! The site contains many valuable resources for improving your game and the online calendar makes it easy to book lessons.

What do I have to do to maintain ‘student’ status?

Listen, book lessons no more than 60 days apart and keep practicing!