I am having difficulties with my Paypal account, is there another method I can subscribe?

I'm afraid not. But note that it's not hard to set up a second Paypal account as long as you use a different email address and credit card number.

Is it possible to pay using my PayPal balance rather than a credit card?

Yes, but please ask PayPal about any such payment issues.

Paypal sent me a message that my subscription payment failed. What should I do?

Usually this means that the credit card linked to your Paypal account has expired or become invalid, so you need to update it. The message will also let you know when the next attempt will be made.

I seem to have lost access to the site, what has happened?

It's likely that your subscription payment did not go through after which the site will assume you've cancelled the payments; this can be checked at your Paypal account. If a payment has been made please contact us with the date on which it was made.