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"For years, actually decennia, I had been hovering between 1800 and 1900 regardless how much effort I put in. Then I found Tiger Chess. Okay, Nigel made me dump my opening repertoire and change my ‘style’. So, for a time I was a newbie again. But now, after studying his openings and trying to master his positional way of thinking AND with the help of his lessons, the penny starts to drop. Lately, progress in the form of results kicked in. I just won a tournament with a score of 7½ out of 8 and a performance of well over 2200. What more proof do we need? So, as long as we don’t meet over the board 🙂 I can highly recommend Nigel’s approach." LJ, Holland

"The site is great with really useful articles (which are short and to the point) and download files of games for particular opening systems. This all fits in very well if you also take lessons. It is a veritable one stop shop for chess improvement and I can strongly recommend the site.

The recently added video courses are brilliant too. They allow you to get a really full understanding of particular opening systems and to learn a smaller amount of material - but learn it really well. For instance I recently watched a great video on how to play against the stonewall - and I now have a workable system which will save me loads of time on the clock in future." ML, UK

"I purchased the Building an Opening Repertoire course and I'm very happy with it. I think you did an amazing job and I was searching for something exactly like it." MU, USA

"I've only been on the Building an Opening Repertoire course for less than a month. Previously I had watched several of Nigel's ChessBase DVDs and because I was really impressed with his presentation style I decided to give this course a try.

"I must say the style is just what I like and the explanatory material is excellent. Plenty of different move options covered with the usual excellent explanations. I particularly like the reinforcement of ideas by playing as black and white.

"I am looking forward to progressing through the entire course and the rest of the site." AS, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Nigel is particularly good at identifying a student's strengths and weaknesses, improving upon the weaknesses to the extent possible, then developing an opening repertoire and middlegame plans that make maximum use of the strengths. He has an extensive library of example games carefully selected for their relevance and pedagogic value." MK, USA

"Nigel is a great teacher. I really enjoy his lessons and find Nigel's insights and advice extremely helpful. Working with Nigel has improved my chess understanding and increased my appreciation and enjoyment of the game. I would recommend taking lessons with Nigel to anyone who wants to improve." DS, London

"Nigel's approach to teaching chess is what I had wanted for years; a way of learning every aspect of the game that is tailored to my level. His video lessons have cured me of a fruitless addiction to opening books and introduced me to a new repertoire that is easy to understand and learn from. He has also has shown me that focusing on tactical exercises and endgames can lead to big improvements. I can wholeheartedly recommend Tiger Chess; quite simply, it works." MH, East Sussex, England

"I've taken half a dozen lessons with Nigel and enjoyed every one. We have focused on his opening repertoire and my games. I'm getting the kind of positions he predicted from the openings and have a better understanding of them. My results have been good and I am hoping to improve my grade over the next year. I have no hesitation in recommending Nigel and his approach. It's working for me!" RB, Cheshire, UK

"I have been having much fun with 1d4 including Beating a 200 in longplay and drawing with a 203 in a 20 rapidplay! I’ve said it before - you are a great coach!" DC, UK

"I have been coached by Nigel for a while now and my play has greatly improved and I have a much better understanding of the game." MJW, London, UK

"I want to thank you for all the advice you've given me over the past year or so through our lessons. I feel my game has come on immensely since we first met and that I'm really grateful for all your hard work." IB, Leicester, UK

"Thanks for doing a great job. You obviously take great pride in your work!" JC, USA