Hello and welcome to Tiger Chess.

Put together by chess teacher and International Grandmaster Nigel Davies, Tiger Chess is designed to provide a cost effective training syllabus for those who are serious about improving their game and are willing to invest the time and effort needed to do so. It also provides an effective ready-made syllabus for chess teachers.

The Tiger Chess approach is one of systematic work on your game over a number of years. Although a figure of 10,000 hours is often touted as the amount of practice required to master an art form like chess, Nigel maintains that more efficient progress is possible if people study the right things and in the right way. Several of Nigel's adult students have borne this out by improving 500 points to 2100 or more.

Accordingly Tiger Chess is different to many sites in that it has a strong focus on core skills such as strategy and endgames and encourages a long term approach. There's no quick fix on offer because that doesn't work. Full Membership comes with 160 week video courses on both strategy and endgames and weekly analysis training positions. Openings are also covered with the emphasis being on typical pawn structures and plans.

To see what students and members have to say, take a look at the testimonials page.

There are two levels of membership here, Full Membership and Video Membership. Here's what each of them offers, you can also get a look at the site with this Youtube video:

Full Membership

Full Membership costs just £4-95 per month and is aimed at those who are serious about improving. You're not tied in and can cancel at any time to get free lifetime Video Membership. Meanwhile the benefits of Full Membership include the following:

  • The Tiger Chess Strategy Course of 160 video lessons, delivered on a weekly basis from when you sign on.
  • The Tiger Chess Endgame Course of 160 video lessons, delivered on a weekly basis from when you sign on.
  • A weekly analysis exercise with video commentary.
  • A monthly clinic in which Nigel examines selected members games and questions.
  • Video lessons on different aspects of improvement.
  • Lessons with Nigel, subject to availability.
  • FAQ pages in which Nigel will answer your questions.
  • Videos on openings with clear strategic explanations.
  • Insightful articles you will not find elsewhere.
  • A listing of the most useful books.
  • Links to the best internet resources.
  • Daily tactics training.

To see a full listing, check out the Full Membership contents page or to sign up go here.

Video Membership

Video Membership is for people who might be using other sources to work on their middle game and endgame skills and want Nigel's explanations of certain openings. To see what's included take a look at the Video Membership contents page.

For a one off fee of just £4-95, or if your Full Membership expires, you get access to a series of lessons which will demystify the process of learning an opening and show you how to use the resources available. You can also add certain videos (but not the courses) to your account which have the pgn files included. This helps massively in the early stages of the learning process.

So are you ready to get serious about getting better? Then go to the sign up page by clicking here: