The Tiger Chess web site is not the usual sort of chess site. It grew out of Nigel Davies's extensive teaching practice and as such the focus is on what really helps people improve rather than quick fix promises that sell.

Above all Nigel believes in the development of core skills, which is mainly tactics and vision early on and then an understanding of pawn structure. This latter aspect is what most club players are missing from their game and very few people seem to be able to teach it well.


Nigel Davies is an International Chess Grandmaster and former British Open Rapid Play and U21 Champion. He has also won 15 international tournaments, numerous smaller events and represented England and Wales in team tournaments.

A popular teacher and presenter he has made 39 DVDs which feature clear and entertaining explanations of strategy. His former private students include two players who went on to become Grandmasters themselves, Matthew Sadler, Ronen Har-Zvi, and GM Emil Sutovsky also took some lessons with Nigel in his youth. During Nigel's time as a player coach at the 3Cs chess club in Oldham several players developed a lot and went on to gain titles; Adam Ashton became a FIDE Master whilst Stephen Gordon gained the Grandmaster title.

In 1994 Nigel founded a chess education business which would later become Tiger Chess and started teaching club players on an extensive basis. Over the next few years pioneered some unique chess services such as a Game Assessment plus a course which was later published in cut down form as The Power Chess Program.

Nigel currently lives in Southport in the UK and has an 15 year old son who also plays chess. His other interests include tai chi and qigong (Nigel is a registered instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain), human potential and financial markets.

Best Results

1979: British Junior (U21) Chess Champion
1982: International Master Title
1987: 1st= Oslo International (1st GM norm)
1988: British Open Quickplay Champion (ahead of Short, Nunn, Speelman and others)
1993: International Grandmaster Title
1994: 1st Owens Corning International with 7.5/9 (half a point over the GM norm)
1995: 1st= Katrineholm GM Tournament (Category 9)
1997: 1st= Gausdal International
2001-2: 4NCL division 2 player of the year
2003: 1st = Blackpool Hilton International


The Chess Player’s Battle Manual: Equip Yourself for Competitive Play
Published: April 1998
Publisher: Batsford Ltd
ISBN: 9780713470437
Format: Paperback
144 pages

The Power Chess Program: Bk.1: A Unique Training Course to Improve Your Chess
Published: January 1999
Publisher: Batsford Ltd
ISBN: 9780713484151
Format: Paperback
256 pages

The Power Chess Program: Bk.2: A Unique Training Course to Improve Your Chess
Published: November 1999
Publisher: Batsford Ltd
ISBN: 9780713484205
Format: Paperback
256 pages

Alekhine’s Defence
Published: November 2001
Publisher: Everyman Chess
ISBN: 1857442539
Format: Paperback
144 pages

The Gruenfeld Defence
Published: July 2002
Publisher: Everyman Chess
ISBN: 1857442393
Format: Paperback
144 pages

Taming The Sicilian
Published: October 2002
Publisher: Everyman Chess
ISBN: 1857443012
Format: Paperback
144 pages

The Veresov: Surprise Your Opponents with the Tricky 2 Nc3!
Published: July 2003 EU, US
ISBN: 9781857443356
Format: Paperback
144 pages

The Dynamic Reti
Published: May 2004 EU, US
ISBN: 9781857443523
Format: Paperback
144 pages

The Trompowsky
Published: March 2005 EU, US
ISBN: 9781857443769
Format: Paperback
144 pages

Play 1 e4 e5!: A complete repertoire for Black in the Open Games
Published: November 2005 EU, US
ISBN: 9781857444018
Format: Paperback
192 pages

Gambiteer I: A hard-hitting chess opening repertoire for White
Published: May 2007 EU, April 2007 US
ISBN: 9781857445169
Format: Paperback
192 pages

Gambiteer II: A hard-hitting chess opening repertoire for Black
Published: September 2007 EU, October 2007 US
ISBN: 9781857445367
Format: Paperback
192 pages

Starting Out: The Modern
Published: June 2008 EU, July 2008 US
ISBN: 9781857445664
Format: Paperback
192 pages

Play the Catalan
Published: May 2009 EU, June 2009 US
ISBN: 9781857445916
Format: Paperback
192 pages

The Rules of Winning Chess
Published: December 2009 EU, November 2009 US
ISBN: 9781857445961
Format: Paperback
192 pages

10 Great Ways to Get Better at Chess
Published: July 2010 EU, July 2010 US
ISBN: 9781857446333
Format: Paperback
160 pages


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